Each year at least 3,500 Dutch citizens die from infectious diseases simply because hospitals are not clean enough. These alarming numbers can be pushed down by using the right disinfectants.

Hospitals are reluctant to use preventive disinfectants, applying them only in case of an outbreak. But then it is already too late. Because people can become infected and suffer pain or die in the end. Within the healthcare sector, large surface areas are still being disinfected using products based on chlorine or quads. Obviously this is not a good thing if a patient is in the same room, inhaling these chlorine vapours.

It is common knowledge that chlorine is bad for your health and the environment, but until today there has been no decent alternative. With Desinfectz MEDICAL PRO products, Desinfectz seeks to make a difference. These products are perfectly safe, sparing both humans and the environment. In fact they are capable of destroying bacteria and yeasts within one minute. Rinsing is unnecessary. Simply wipe the area using a dry cloth. This will save time and ensure financial benefits. Desinfectz PRO products are also suitable for GPs, dental clinics, hospitals and healthcare centres.