Food Industry

Proper hygienics is becoming increasingly important, also in the food industry. The Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority is frequently warning about E-coli’s in sushi, listeria in butcher shops and salmonella identified in salmon.

Safety must be pivotal whenever food is being consumed. Which is why hygienics is the main focus area throughout the production process. Monitoring raw materials and the logistics process meticulously is crucial as well. The system helps identify risks but it also describes how these hazards can be controlled within the individual links of production chains. Hygienics is becoming increasingly important which is why it is spotlighted more often. More messages are sent out to the world warning about e.g. E-coli’s in sushi, salmonella identified in salmon and listeria in butcher shops.

In the Netherlands more than 700,000 people suffer foodborne infections each year. And so the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has been checking in on companies to see whether they meet HACCP standards. Also next year the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority will be monitoring use of permitted disinfectants more intensively. Recently the ‘Friponil’ scandal hit the news, emphasising once more the importance of proceeding hygienically and using permissible disinfectants only.

Within the food industry products containing chlorine, alcohol and quaternary compounds are still being used quite often. Desinfectz believes these are superseded products and that the Desinfectz PRO FOOD AREA products should make a change. These products are based on biologically degradable substances like hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid. They help destroy bacteria and yeasts within two minutes. Rinsing is unnecessary. All you need to do is to wipe using a dry cloth. Desinfectz products are perfectly suitable for all food processing companies (e.g. fruit growers, butcher shops.)